Using the Wi-Fi Hotspot in OpenHD Evo
As of now, OpenHD Evo does not offer specific setup options for configuring the Wi-Fi hotspot. However, you can connect to the hotspot with the following default credentials:
  • SSID (Network Name): openhd
  • Password: openhdopenhd
Important Notes:
  • To use the web interface (webui) within the Wi-Fi hotspot, you must disable your mobile data connection on your device to ensure it connects to the hotspot correctly.
  • Warning: Using the Wi-Fi hotspot will not give you telemetry and video, but is only there for debugging and the webui.
  • Warning: Using the Wi-Fi hotspot may interfere with your overall communication range. Exercise caution and deactivate the hotspot when not in use to avoid impacting your connection to the drone.