The features as per the latest release include:
  • Supports the following single board computers (SBC): - Pi Zero, Pi Zero W (constraint in several aspects such as bitrate but working) - Pi2B, Pi3B, Pi3B+, Pi3A+, Pi4, Odroid-W, Pi (NOTE: Ground Pi shall be Pi2B or higher)
  • Support of numerous camera modules: - Raspberry Foundation V1, V2 and HQ cameras - InnoMaker line of CSI cameras (e.g. MIPI CAM 290-ISP, MIPI CAM 327-ISP) - IP cameras capable of h.264/265 (e.g. Hi3516C based models) - USB cameras (e.g. Logitech C920)
  • Multi camera support (e.g. secondary thermal camera)
  • HiRes video transmission (typical resolutions/fps): - 1280x720p 60fps, 1296x972p 42fps, 1640x922p 40fps, 1920x1080p 30fps
  • High bitrate of up to 12Mbit
  • Low Latency (~125ms typical, ~110ms minimum)
  • Support for various RF bands: - 2.3/2.4/2.5Ghz; 5.2-5.8Ghz
  • Typical range (3dbi omni antennas anticipated): - 2,4Ghz: 1-1.5km (~70mW), 2-3km (~300mW) - 5Ghz: 250m (~25mW), 1km (~300mW)
  • Extreme range (record flights with directional antennas/antenna tracking) - 2,4Ghz: approx 30km - 5Ghz: approx 70km
  • Easy Configuration - File based configuration (can be done from Windows, no Linux knowledge required) - Change Settings via QOpen.HD App
  • Supports different configuration profiles selectable on the field via jumpers or DIP switches
  • Forwarding of video stream and telemetry data to 2nd display via: USB TetheringWifi Hotspot, Ethernet, Wifibroadcast relay mode
  • Bi-directional Mavlink telemetry support
  • Complete Mavlink v1 and v2 support
  • Integrated high resolution fully customizeable OSD with support for: Mavlink, Frsky, LTM, Smartport telemetry
  • Support for video and telemetry inside: QOpen.HD, FPV-VR, QGroundcontrol, Mission Planner, Tower App
  • Automatic detection of portable device (Phone or Tablet) as a second display, just plug it in or connect via Hotspot
  • Receive Diversity: - 3 times receive diversity support for 2,4Ghz Atheros (4+ receive diversity on Raspberry Pi 4) - 5 times receive diversity support for 5Ghz Realtek
  • .AVI Ground recording, PNG screenshots and telemetry data automatically saved to USB stick
  • Automatic graphing of RSSI, packetloss, video bitrate and other data
  • No issues as with standard WiFi, no disconnection, video freeze etc, video will quickly recover
  • Live and responsive RSSI display with defective blocks and packetloss display
  • Stable video reception even in multipathing environments (no constant glitching as with analog)
  • Groundside OSD rendering (stays clear and functional even if video breaks up)
  • Low-latency/high update-rate RC via USB-Joystick
  • Encrypted RC
  • Ability to designate strongest WiFi adapter for RC
  • Audio
  • Frequency Band switching ability
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