2.3 evo


The features as per the latest evo release include:
  • We officially support Pi2B (version 1.2+) , Pi3B, Pi3B+, Pi3A+, Pi4,CM4 , Pi Zero 2, Nvidia Jetson Nano, Nvidia Jetson Nano 2GB,X86 as AIR and Pi3B, Pi3B+, Pi3A+, Pi4,CM4 ,X86 as Ground
  • Latency values are different with EVO and are currently changing a lot,and depend on the hardware choices, official numbers will follow later.
  • Support for 2.3/2.4/2.5GHz bands and 5.2-5.8GHz bands.
  • Range values could have changed with EVO, official numbers will follow later.
  • Configuration can be done from QOpenHD and the OpenHD-ImageWriter, no config files are needed anymore.
  • Flashing can and should be done with the OpenHD-ImageWriter
  • Forwarding of video stream and telemetry data to 2nd device via: USB tethering, ethernet. Hotspot will follow later.
  • Bi-directional MAVLink telemetry support, compatible with most flight controllers.
  • FC-settings, video and telemetry are compatible with QGroundcontrol and don't need any modification.
  • Integrated high resolution fully customizeable OSD with support for MAVLink telemetry.
  • Realtime view of RSSI, packetloss, video bitrate and other important data in the OSD.
  • No issues as with standard WiFi, no disconnection, video freeze etc, video will recover quickly.
  • Live and responsive RSSI display with defective blocks and packetloss display.
  • Video reception is very stable even in difficult multipathing environments, no constant glitching as seen with analog FPV.
  • OSD overlay rendered on the receiver will stay clear and functional even if video is too bad to fly.
  • Low-latency/high update-rate RC over wifibroadcast via USB-Joystick
  • Optimised FEC for most stable connection.