On this page we're documenting, the most appearing "bugs/issues" and how to fix them, also we're adding a little troubleshooting information, which will help to understand and document the issue you're having.

WIFI-LED is off or not continiously on

In the newer Realtek drivers the LED isn't controllable anymore, meaning we can not turn it on to show that the device is working.

Since we can not control it, blinking or not even turning on the LED is no indicator of the device or software is malfunctioning.

(Air) Terminal is shown and no stats ?

In evo we do not have any display-stats or indicator that the software is running. It'll show up a regular Terminal for debugging. OpenHD is setup to automatically setup and connect. On the Air you just get a Command Prompt and no interaction is needed.

If you want to see if openhd is running, you can type in "systemctl status openhd", this will show some stats.

(Ground) Terminal is shown and no OSD ?

OpenHD is setup to automatically setup and connect. On the Ground you should get QOpenHD (our OSD). If it didn't you may have made an error while flashing, please remember selecting GROUND while writing your SDCard.

My RPI-0,1,2 doesn't work

With OpenHD evo we stopped support on some platforms, all ARMv6 devices are not supported anymore.

A strange test-picture is shown

If you did not connect a camera or didn't select the correct overlay a test-picture is shown. Select the right overlay and check if your csi-cable is connected correctly.

I can't find the settings for my libcamera camera

Since Libcamerasrc doesn't have any support for settings, yet you can't change picture settings like exposure,rotation,.. in it. When they become available we're integrating them.

Where are the extended settings for my veye camera

We don't have extended i2c settings for veye cameras, since veye didn't integrate them in standard v4l2 controls.

Ground battery monitoring isn't working

Right now we do not have Battery monitoring on the ground, but this is currently in the works.

I can't get my custom display to work

If you need special drivers and need to use KMS as the display driver, we can not support that, since low latency modes are only available on FKMS.

Troubleshooting steps

  1. Make sure all your devices are powered via seperate BEC's and you have a keyboard available

  2. You can check the status of openhd with "systemctl status openhd"

  3. For better debugging please download the journal from our webinterface and provide it when contacting us in our Telegram Chat.

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