X86 is a quite common Architecture. Most of modern Computers do run X86 processors, which often are much more powerfull then any SBC.

With 2.3-evo we start to support X86 in two ways.

  1. We provide Images which are already setup and can be used via plugging an external USB-Drive/USB-Stick into your computer and run it live.

  2. We provide X86 packages for Ubuntu 22.04. If you want you can build your own OpenHD Image/Setup right on your computer.

X86 will have different performance gains or losses depending on the Hardware used. The OpenHD Developers use quite potent Gaming-Hardware to test, so your experience will vary.

OpenHD will also interfere with your normal wifi-setup, it requires special drivers and may cause problems on your own installs.Thats why support always will be limited.

Flashing X86

You can simply use our ImageWriter to flash OpenHD images to a USB-Stick. The Images can be found under the Advanced tab. (you do not need to setup ground or air, because it'll be selectable on the Desktop of the Image)

Please keep in mind, that your USB-Stick should be quite fast to reduce boot time.

When booted you'll be greeted by a Desktop which includes the Programs you need to run OpenHD. (You need to run OpenHD-Ground and QOpenHD for Ground usage)

Installing OpenHD on X86

Currently we only support Ubuntu 22.04 based Distributions.


all in one command
sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y && sudo apt install -y git && sudo git clone https://github.com/OpenHD/OpenHD-ImageBuilder && cd OpenHD-ImageBuilder && sudo ./X86-Installer.sh 

Starting OpenHD on X86

We added OpenHD as Standard Linux Application, so you can find it under Applications. Please select OpenHD-Air or OpenHD-Ground depending on your usecase. When running OpenHD as Ground, you also need to start QOpenHD to view the user interface.


** Wifi Adapter not found **

  • One cause could be that the drivers could not be installed because you are using secure boot

** Wifi Adapter (e.g. Asus AC56) does not show the indicator LED**

  • The new drivers don't support intercation with the LED anymore, so this is not a problem

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