Custom Hardware

OpenHD custom hardware is an ongoing project that is currently being developed and funded through The project aims to create a small and modular wireless high-definition video transmission system that is capable of transmitting and recording video in various resolutions and framerates with low latency capabilities.

The system is specifically designed to fit into the standard 30.5x30.5mm FPV drone stack system, making it easy to integrate into existing drone setups.

The project team is currently working on refining the design and improving its performance. The custom hardware system will be optimized to work with OpenHD and run specially created software.

It's worth noting that the OpenHD custom hardware project has already progressed beyond the conceptual stage and the team has developed several prototypes. These prototypes are currently being tested and refined.

If you would like to learn more about this project and stay up-to-date on its progress, be sure to visit The team is always looking for new supporters and contributors to help bring this exciting project to life.

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