2.3 evo


Enable bidirectional telemetry between your FC and OpenHD
There are 2 ways to connect your OpenHD air unit to your FC:
1) (Reccomended): Using the HW UART from your air unit (e.g. see below for RPI) and one HW UART from your FC 2) (not recommended): Using an USB cable on FC that support it (e.g. PX4).
With Ardupilot you may need to enable certain "stream rate" parameters on the flight controller. More information is available on the rc with mavlink page

1) Enable UART in OpenHD

By default, UART telemetry is disabled in OpenHD. You can enable it using QOpenHD in the AIR(TMP) Settings registry (FC_UART_CONN) and selecting serial0. Make sure to select the baud rate matching your FC.

2) Wiring

  • Connect the serial port TX pin of your flight controller to the serial port RX pin on the Pi. WARNING: The Pi uses 3.3V logic level on the serial ports, make sure your flight control also uses 3.3V. 5V might destroy the Pi serial port! So don't connect the + 5V ! (See for pinout).