Custom Unmanaged Cameras

For advanced users, we have implemented "scripting support," which allows for custom camera pipelines, IP cameras, and general debugging.

This feature requires disabling auto-detection and needs manual activation in the hardware.conf configuration file.

The script can be found on the SD card in the openhd/scripts folder. You can edit this script. Just like in OpenHD 2.0, you can also use some of the old pipelines for testing purposes. However, please note that omxenc is not available in OpenHD Evo.

The can also manage Ethernet-Connections for IP-cameras.

Currently, there are several example pipelines available for:


OpenIPC cameras

General IP cameras

Seek Thermal cameras

Note 1: The custom unmanaged camera service requires careful testing and doesn't provide automatic functionality right away. It is intended for advanced users and developers who understand its intricacies.

We encourage you to experiment with this feature, but please be aware that it's meant for users with a good understanding of camera pipelines and system integration.

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