Supported SBC's

While support for SBC's other than the Raspberry Pi is underway, currently the only officially supported devices are:


Raspberry Pi 2B+

Raspberry Pi 3A


Raspberry Pi 3A+


Raspberry Pi 3B


Pi 3B mini (unofficial)


Raspberry Pi 3B+

Raspberry Pi 4B

Raspberry Pi Zero (not recommended)


Raspberry Pi Zero W (not recommended)


Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W

1, 4

Raspberry Pi Compute Module CM3+


  1. it is not a good idea to use a Pi Zero, Pi Zero 2 W or a Pi 3A(+) on the ground side, you may get it to work but the resource requirements (particularly GPU memory) on the ground are higher than they are on the air side.

  2. Will work but does not have internal dual band hotspot which will reduce functionality

  3. Requires a dt-blob.bin file for your carrier board when used as AIR to support dual cameras at the moment, ask for help in Telegram

  4. Zero 2w is currently supported by replacing files 0n the SD with the files available on the telegram user group or from this forum post Zero 2 W Post. Once the SD has been flashed, before booting use a pc to replace the files in the boot partition. In future OpenHD will support this board on the defualt image.

Future support

The team is hard at work to support more SBC's. Active development is done on these SBC's:

  • NVIDIA Jetson (series)

  • NanoPi (series)

If you want to participate in the development, please reach out to us to see how you can help.

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