QOpen.HD (recommended)

This page describes the QOpen.HD application

The default Ground Station software is already included in the downloaded image! In fact, you've probably been looking at it when using Open.HD for some time now.

The default OSD is so much more than that, if you have a touchscreen you might have found out by accident, if you don't have a touch screen, try attaching a mouse and/or keyboard. Clicking that Open.HD logo in the left top corner will reveal the true power of this fully operational Ground Station!

What is QOpen.HD?

All nerd jokes aside (yes that was a Star Wars reference before), QOpen.HD is absolutely vital to the Open.HD system. When the project started all settings had to be done in a text file and updating anything on the OSD meant recompiling from source. QOpen.HD allows for easy config changes through a touch-enabled interface while also providing a touch enabled interface for the OSD elements.

You can drag and drop, resize, change transparency, all with a mouse or your finger on a touch screen. But what if you don't have a mouse or touch screen? Well, if you connect an Android or iOS phone or tablet running the QOpen.HD APP (yes, it comes as an app as well) it will mimic any change to the OSD on your phone or tablet on the main display as well. How far we have come!

In short QOpen.HD allows you to setup anything Open.HD related, like frequencies, transmit power and what the OSD looks like.

What QOpen.HD isn't

Where QOpen.HD differs from the other Ground Station Software in the list is that it doesn't do any actual vehicle related stuff. You can't setup your Mavlink parameters or load a mission for instance. Now if you don't use any of that you can just use QOpen.HD and nothing else. Most users however require more advanced features like changing parameters and uploading mission plans. That's what the other Ground Control Software in the list is for, but remember to always use QOpen.HD for changing settings that are Open.HD related!

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