Using an IP or USB Camera as second camera

This describes the case where you have a CSI camera connected AND want to connect a USB or IP camera as well. The Open.HD system allows you to view both streams simultaneously (using Picture in Picture) and to switch between both streams for the main display. This is often used with Thermal cameras or an extra rear facing camera on a plane.

If you have an air.txt file on your boot partition from testing the USB or IP camera in single mode, be sure to remove it. Leaving it will mess up the dual camera initialization.

Inside openhd-settings-1.txt set these settings:


For a secondary IP camera or


For a secondary USB camera. Then set:


Now enable the band switcher:


And enable RC over Mavlink by setting:


And optionally change the RC channel used to swap between the main video feeds:


Please be aware you can switch between the feeds from the main QOpen.HD interface as well without the need of a joystick connected to the Ground SBC.

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