Ground Recording

Open.HD automatically stores video and telemetry in a temporary storage while it is being received from the Air SBC.

To save video, telemetry and screenshots to a USB memory stick, simply plug the USB drive into the Ground SBC AFTER you are done flying. After a few seconds, a message should appear and the recorded video will start playing on the HDMI screen while being saved to USB. A message will appear when it is done saving.

These are the relevant settings:



Save the recording to RAM disk. Limited to around 12 minutes of video and data.


Save the recording to a separate partition on the SD Card.

When using the sdcard option you still plug in a USB drive after flying to encode and copy the video to the USB drive. It is possible to remove the SD Card and get the video file directly from the myvideo partition (/dev/mmcblk03). The video will be in .raw format. This can be played by VLC. Using the USB drive will wrap the video in a AVI container.

Due to issues with the Linux kernel, using the sdcard setting may lead to video stuttering bad blocks or video freezing. Use a fast SD Card to mitigate this and test thoroughly before flying!

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