Welcome to the Open.HD Introduction Page!

Open.HD uses commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) WiFi adapters, however it does not operate them in standard WiFi mode, which is unsuitable for low-latency or very long distance video transmission. Instead, Open.HD configures the WiFi adapter in a way that is similar to a simple broadcast, much like analog video transmission hardware you may be using already.

High definition video, bidirectional UAV telemetry, audio, and RC control signals can all be sent over a single radio link.

A multi-platform Open.HD app is available for live video with a customizable OSD.

For support and further reading:

If you have a problem with a specific version of Open.HD, please check the name of the image you used to burn your SD cards and provide it to us in Telegram so we can help narrow down the cause and find a solution.

If you don't have or remember the version of Open.HD you used for your SD cards, you can find out what it was by looking in the root partition of the image (either connect the SD card it to a Linux machine or connect to the pi via SSH). There will be a file called /openhd_version.txt containing the exact version of the image.

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